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Brightside Restoration is a Barberton Ohio roofing company that gives you a free estimate on any of your roofing needs.

It doesn't matter if you have a leaky roof, weather damage, or just want a new roof better efficiency, Brightside Restoration will get the job done right.

Here's what our professional team offers you:

  • Full Roof Replacement
  • New Roof Construction
  • Roof Tear Off
  • Disposal Of Old Roof
  • Commercial Roofing
  • Residential Roofing

picture of a house with roofing and other general contractor work done to it by brightside restoration in barberton ohio roofing

Why Is Roof Repair Important To You?

It's More Important Than You Might Think.

Getting a new roof on your home, or business will have amazing benefits for both your safety, and wallet.

First, old and damaged roofs will make your home less energy efficient than it should be. Damaged shingles, and leak spots on your roof allow heating and cooling to escape from your home. (Significantly Raises Your Energy Bill)

But, if you have a roof that is done right you will save a ton of money. In the summer your roof will actually deflect heat away from your home, allowing your air conditioning to work less. For the winter months your roof will insulate your home in order to use less heat to keep your home warm.

Leaks Destroy.

Also, when you get a new roof with Brightside your roof will be leak resistant once again, therefore keeping water, and other unwanted things out of your home.

picture of a guy sitting in his kitchen with water raining in from the leaky ceiling for barberton ohio roofing

As your roof ages, shingles will start to fall apart, storms/weather will continuously damage your roof, and other natural causes will start creating leaks in your roof.

Leaks in your roof are very damaging, and expensive if they go unfixed.

If your roof starts to leak that means that, water, animals, and even insects can get into your home.

Water leaking into your home will start to ruin your homes framing by rotting the wood, which is a huge safety concern. (Your Home Could Even Collapse)

Water that leaks into your home will also start to damage your drywall. Drywall that gets water damage is very easy to spot because there will be huge water spots on your ceilings/walls. These water spots look terrible, and if left unfixed your drywall may even cave into your home.

Animals or insects can also get into your home because of leaks in your roof. These leaks can allow insects/rodents to live in your walls, make nest, and even eat away at your home from the inside.

As you can imagine, if any of these things start to happen to your home it will be very expensive to fix. Which is why having a new roof on your home, or business is one of the most important repairs for any building.