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Brightside Restoration is a Fairlawn Ohio roofing company that gives you a free roof replacement quote no matter what your roofing problem is.

It doesn't matter if you just need roof repair, or an entire roof done, you will always get a free estimate!

Here's what our professional team offers you:

  • Full Roof Replacement
  • New Roof Construction
  • Roof Tear Off
  • Disposal Of Old Roof
  • Commercial Roofing
  • Residential Roofing

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How Does The Right Roofer Help You?

More Than You Think.

Getting your roof replaced can be a big project, especially if you haven't updated your roof in a long time.

When you're looking at different roofers in your area, it's very important that they know what they are doing.

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home, and when it is not done right you can risk higher energy bills, interior home damage, and even physical harm.

Think About It

Your roof is the part of your home that is always seeing different parts of mother nature.

picture of a guy sitting in his kitchen with water raining in from the leaky ceiling for fairlawn ohio roofing

Whether it be the high speed winds, down pouring rain, or even freezing snow/ice your roof has to deal with it all.

Therefore if your roof has leaks, or spots that aren't correct due to installation, you can see huge downsides.

With leaks in your roof, water will start pouring into your home. This water will most likely make it's way to your framing, and even drywall.

Once this happens you will start seeing water spots on your ceilings/walls, which are very ugly, and can even cave in if not taken care of.

These same leaks can also allow rodents, or insects to get into your home.

Rodents that get into your home can start building nest, live in your walls, and even eat your insulation.

As you can imagine, if any of these happen to your home, it will cost you a lot of money out of pocket to get it all repaired.

Which is why we will always do your job right the first time, so your roof stays great, for as long as it can.