Best Medina Ohio Roofing Companies.

We're Proud To Be One Of Them.

Brightside Restoration prides ourselves in being one of the best Medina Ohio roofing companies.

With our free quotes, great prices, and guaranteed craftsmanship we stand behind what we do.

Here's what our professional team offers you:

  • Full Roof Replacement
  • New Roof Construction
  • Roof Tear Off
  • Disposal Of Old Roof
  • Commercial Roofing
  • Residential Roofing
  • And More

picture of a new roof that was installed by best medina ohio roofing companies

What Makes Us A Great Roofing Company?

We Care About Our Customers.

Brightside Restoration is one of the best Medina Ohio roofing companies because we love taking care of our customers.

We start by giving you a free roofing estimate on any project that you have.

No matter if you're looking to get a new commercial roof, residential roof, or anything in between you will get a free estimate.

We also give you a free estimate on roof repairs that come from storms, and other weather, while working with your home insurance company.

best medina ohio roofing companies picture of a work schematic for a home construction project

On top of our free estimates, Brightside stands behind our work.

With our expert craftsman, and knowledgeable team your job always gets done right.

We're not one of those roofing companies that will do sub par work, and then not stand behind what they did.

Another great reason to choose us for your roofing project is because we will strive to make your roofing experience a great one.

Our company has the proper tools, equipment, and knowledge in order to get your project done as quickly as possible.

We know how bad it sucks to have your home under construction, it's a huge burden on both you, and us.

Which is why we will always strive to get the job done in a reasonable amount of time, therefore you can enjoy your new roof, and get back to your construction free life.

But don't just listen to those reasons for why we are a great roofing company in Medina Ohio, give us a call and see for yourself!